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  • How To Clean A Gun

    03 Sep 2019
    How To Clean A Gun

    Just like every other product, it is possible to maintain the value and functionality of a gun only by regular cleaning and maintenance. This helps keep the gun accurate and safe at all times. The more effort put into the firearm will be able to reward an individual in terms of peace of mind. The presence of good gun maintenance will also help to understand the firearm in a much better way and it will provide the shooter with a lot of confidence when it comes to using out in the open.

    Maintenance of a Gun

    Most of the novice gun users do not know how to clean a gun or the importance behind cleaning these products. However, a dirty firearm can often result in unsafe, unpredictable, or unreliable use. There are multiple types of firearms and each requires a different type of knowledge as to how often should you clean your gun.

    If the gun is being frequently used, there is an even greater need for proper maintenance. The general consensus is that gun cleaning can take up a lot of hours due to the various small parts, disassembly, and assembly required. However, it is not the case since the best gun cleaning kit will be able to significantly cut down the time spent on this process.

    Finding a Proper Workplace

    The place where the gun would be cleaned has to be well lit, well ventilated, clean, and organized. It is recommended to work on a table that is sturdy without any rocking moments. Any tables that have wheels should also be avoided. It is easy to forget when should you clean your gun, but it is ideally done in daylight (with added light support if required) There are many chemicals and other contaminants in a gun. Hence, cleaning this product should be avoided on the kitchen counter or dining table. Once an appropriate workplace has been identified, all the ammunition in the gun should be removed.

    Cleaning Products

    Many of the newbies do not know what to clean a gun with. It is recommended to use these products:

    • Gun oil
    • Gun cleaner solvent
    • Paper towels
    • Toothbrush
    • Bore brush
    • Cotton swabs
    • Jag
    • Small bore flashlight
    • Patches and patch holder

    It is important to know how to clean a gun with household items. The usage of household items significantly lowers the cost of cleaning and these items are also widely available. The scissors, lubricating oil, and cloths are a few essential items.

    Right Way of Cleaning

    The proper way of cleaning is by eliminating all the debris and fouling. It is preferred to soak the firearm that has been disassembled, but many users may not have access to the same. A sonic cleaner is a great choice since it is less labor intensive and the cleaning is also quite good. The use of an air compressor can help speed up the cleaning process. There is growing awareness about what is a jag in a gun cleaning kit and its effectiveness.

    Many who do not know “when should you clean your gun” make the mistake of not lubricating after the cleaning process has been completed. It is essential to use oil on the firearm but not in excess, as the use of excessive lubrication can spoil the firearm as a whole. The firing pin channel, magazines, bore, or chamber should not be lubricated, as it causes the debris to get stuck in these areas.

    After lubrication has been done, it is important to protect the entire firearm by applying a protective coating. This eliminates the occurrence of corrosion, which is a problem faced by many users who are unable to store the firearm in a dry place when not in use. If the gun is being used in a place where high humidity and saltwater are frequent, the application of protective coating becomes a must rather than a luxury. After the application of the coat, it is important to wipe it off to leave a thin coat on the gun.

    It is possible to achieve great results by tailoring the cleaning process to a specific method.

    Gun Cleaning Process at Home

    There is a methodological process when it comes to learning how to clean a gun without a cleaning kit. It is important to disassemble the gun by using the owner’s manual if the action is being performed for the first time. This is not a very complicated process but it can end up providing a huge insight into the machine and its internal parts – frame, chamber, barrel, and even the bolt. Once the disassembly has been completed, it is important to start with the bolt and clean it thoroughly. This can be followed by the chamber, which is relatively easy, and the barrel.

    Even those who know how to use a gun cleaning kit find that cleaning of the barrel can be quite tricky and cumbersome without tools like a bore brush, but one can get ingenious by using a towel with an appropriate rod. The best way to use a cloth will be to cut it into smaller pieces. It would be ideal if the pieces are square in size. These small pieces would be ideal for cleaning the bolt.

    Any leftover large pieces of cloth can be made with by using lubricant oil. This oil-rich cloth can then be used to wipe out a large portion of the dirt from the bolt. Since there is likely to be oil and the carbon debris, the use of the lubricant oil helps eliminate these products to reveal a smooth and clean surface. The firing pin is located in the inner side of the bolt. It also needs to receive great attention so that it is clean from all debris. After the bolt and internals have been cleaned, it is time to switch focus to the barrel and chamber. These are essential to know how to clean a gun without a cleaning kit.


    You should always remember that a firearm is a tool which can be used for multiple purposes. If these tools are taken care of properly, then there is little chance that they would let you down in any circumstance. It is, therefore, essential to invest a little amount of time regularly to clean these tools.

    Do you have any tips and tricks that you should share with other gun enthusiasts? Write them in the comments section!

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