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  • Top 19 Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

    03 Sep 2019
    Top 19 Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

    Once you decided to try yourself as a fisherman, you’ll receive all the required information here. We prepared the tips that should definitely upgrade your experience and grant with exciting moments of relaxation. Of course, it always sounds great to sit on the pier or beach and listen to the birds singing while your trophy is playing with a hook. But isn’t it better to taste new adventures and feel like a professional? The best fishing kayaks are to your service if you desire to reach the richest tuna and mahi-mahi areas. With our guide, you will get a successful and unforgettable experience that will stay with you for many years. You’ll find out how to choose an best fishing kayak, survive during weather changes, manage a boat, and many other things that boost your skills. Keep on reading!

    1. Check Local Fishing Reports

    Once you’re ready to jump into adventures and sit on the top fishing kayak while waiting for a big prize to come, we recommend you exploring local reports. It’s a responsible gesture, and you will find out all the aspects of the area you’ve chosen. People create reports according to their own experience and share helpful information like places where fish bites, species, weather conditions, water temperature, etc.

    2. Be Aware of the Weather

    Weather is one of the most important factors influencing the process. You have to check all the local reports provided by the meteorologists of the area you’re going to visit. This procedure will help you to prepare for any changes like rain or wind, or it can even influence your decision to go there next time. Sometimes the weather surprises us in a bad way, and we can hardly predict the result. You will be a lucky one in case your “big day” doesn’t come with horrible meteorological changes. Be responsible and explore weather conditions each time you’re planning to spend time outdoors on the water. Besides, this procedure will help you to develop your fisherman skills and take care of safety.


    This factor is a dangerous one because even the most experienced person may become its victim while fishing. For example, you may get lost or get off the course, and it will be hard to recognize where you’re at the moment. Even if you have a 2 person fishing kayak and you’re not alone, there’s a chance to face real problems because of fog.


    It’s obvious that wind also causes many problems, and there’s the chance to let the waves take you far away from the shore. You also can get lost somewhere or even worse – your kayak may flip over and a passenger will fall into the water. It’s really dangerous if you or one of your companions can’t swim. Moreover, the wind will make the waves higher and quicker, and they will take the hook away from you. You won’t get any delight from this weather or your fishing kayak, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even get a trophy.


    If rainy weather doesn’t scare you at all, you can even benefit from it sometimes. But fishing will be a better process only in case you take a raincoat, drysuit or shell. Staying wet while you’re kayaking is really uncomfortable, and it’s even worse if it’s cold outside. You can take sick and forget about your new hobby for a long time.


    If a thunderstorm catches you while you are aboard, you have to act quickly to avoid lightning and many dangerous problems. Put all your kayak fishing accessories on the bottom of the boat and start getting back to the shore. You don’t have to stay on the water during a thunderstorm.

    3. Be Aware of Other Vessels

    You always have to notice other boats and ships. Don’t overdose with your confidence and don’t try to cross a large distance in case you see another transport moving quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to predict how much time it takes to reach you, and there’s a danger to provoke an accident.

    Pay attention to tankers transporting oil, chemicals, and gas up or down rivers. Usually, they make big waves, and it’s easy to be capsized. You have to choose the right direction for paddling, and this is how you run away from a disappointing situation. Don’t move parallel to waves because you can fall overboard. It’s better to paddle towards them and act calmly.

    #Kayak Fishing Packing Tips

    How to outfit a kayak for fishing? This question disturbs many beginners who only make the first steps to their new favorite hobby. Our guide will help you to pack everything you may need during the big day or even days. Take the best bag and follow the list to take all the necessary things and get a successful experience.

    4. Bring Safety Gear

    Firstly, you have to take care of your safety because no one knows what kind of an unexpected event may happen while you’re enjoying the best moments. You have to get a personal floatation device which is essential during your journey.

    The list of the “must-have” things features a headlight, gloves, whistle, first aid set, repair box, paddle and fishing rod leash, and flares.

    In case you think that some of these accessories will only occupy space on board, you can’t leave anything at home. It’s an emergency list that may essentially help you.

    5. Wear Skin Protection

    Are you preparing for kayak bass fishing? Well, then it’s time to think about how to protect your skin from the influence of different factors. Take a bug-spray, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, special clothing, and a cap or a hat. These things will definitely save your skin from discomfort.

    6. Pack Plenty of Food and Water

    Drinking and eating help us live a happy life for certain days. And it’s obvious that food and drinks should be at hand when we’re going to unite with nature. What will you do in case fish isn’t biting today? Of course, you’d like to eat some snack or fruit.

    On the day before your adventure, you have to drink much water. Pack fruits and protein foods to eat while you’ll be sitting in your boat. Don’t forget that it’s always a great delight to eat outdoors when all these beautiful sites are all around you.

    7. Carry an Anchor

    Sometimes beginners forget about such an important thing as an anchor, but that is an extremely essential item when going fishing. A folding anchor is a simple and useful choice because it’s small and easy to place in your boat. Its weight varies from 1.5 to 4.0 lbs. It’s even convenient to carry it in a bag.

    Another option for both cheap fishing kayaks and more expensive ones is a pole that sticks in the mud and doesn’t let a boat move. You have to pull it through a special hole on the bottom and fix it. But you have to be sure your anchor or stern is adjusted correctly to avoid falling into the water.

    8. Bring Fish Handling Gear

    This set is important, and you have to collect things according to the following list:

    • gloves;
    • nets;
    • stringers;
    • pliers;
    • fish grips.

    You have to take a hook out of a fish carefully because this process demands exceptional skills, too. Put on the gloves from your kayak fishing gear to conduct this procedure and to avoid doing harm to fingers because of sharp teeth, for example.

    Pliers will be a nice choice in case you caught something like a trout that you can’t easily remove from a hook. Adjust them to your PFD to have them at hand. They won’t take much place and will always be at hand.

    Scoop up fish with the help of a net when it’s close to your boat. It’s a great chance to avoid stretching and getting your trophy easily out of the water. Besides, you’ll upgrade your background by using nets.

    9. Bring a Camera on a Mount

    You can capture the happy moments with the help of a camera adjusted on the top of your stand-up fishing kayak or any other type of a boat. Select the camera that is easy to manage: the one you’ll control with voice, having a touch display, and video stabilization. It has to be waterproof because it can accidentally fall. Explore all the characteristics and select the most appropriate camera.

    #Skills to Become a Master Fisherman

    In case you desire to turn into a professional in the field, develop the range of skills that will help you when fishing. They include attentive behavior, quite moving, and others. Keep on reading to learn which skills will be useful for you.

    10. Learn Sight Fishing

    It’s the process when you have to look into the water very attentively to find a fish. You will need polarized glasses that can help you to see everything happening in depth. You can pad along the shore and try to find a prize in the water.

    11. Move Quietly

    Even if you have an inflatable fishing kayak, the underwater creatures may hear you. They are very sensitive to vibrations, and you may scare them. Move quietly with your paddles and don’t throw them.

    12. Learn Efficient Lure Changing

    You may feed fish as much as you want, but you can do nothing if it’s a wrong lure. There’s a chance to lose everything and stay with empty hands in case you don’t learn how to change it quickly. Spend some time improving your skills for this mission while you’re at home.

    13. Learn How to Drift

    What is the best fishing kayak? It’s the one you can manage easily. Drifting is an essential skill you need to learn. You have to paddle a little in the intended direction and then start drifting. Turn your boat left or right and keep going smoothly.

    14. Know How to Set the Drag

    You will have to struggle with some species, and that can be a real battle of the year. Learn how to set the drag to complete this mission easily. Then you’ll know how to take even a bass.

    15. Point Your Rod Tip Sideways

    Wind may spoil your experience, that’s why it’s better to hold your rod close to the water. Move it sideways, and there won’t be any disappointing situations. The beginners often face problems with the wind, but it’s easy to understand how to cope with it.

    #Tips for Inshore, Lake and River Kayak Fishing

    Any mentioned type is extremely popular, but you can choose the one you like the most. They all will bring you delight and unforgettable moments. Although, you have to prepare for any situation that may happen during your voyage.

    16. Understand the Positioning

    If you’re going to try your tandem fishing kayak, you have to learn how to determine your position toward the shore. It’s important to explore the information related to this question because it’s an essential factor in case you want to have a great time. You’ll be able to strike your target quickly.

    17. Buy a Kayak Cart

    It’s an important tool that makes the process of carrying a kayak easier. Sometimes it’s hard to take it back for two people, and it becomes a tough mission for a single person. Buy a cart to fix one side of a boat on the wheels and carry another side with your hands.

    #Tips for Offshore Kayak Fishing

    If you’re searching for real adventures and want to get more impressions, try to paddle further than you did before. Although the shore will be far away, you’ll definitely face a new experience. Besides, you’ll meet a wider variety of species.

    18. Pack a Marine VHF Radio

    A very high-frequency radio is the one way to communicate in this case. You’ll have to inform the coastal guard about the unexpected situations you encounter. Besides, they may tell you about weather changes and even save your life.

    19. Know How to Re-Enter the Kayak

    You found out how to set up a kayak for fishing, and now it’s time to understand how to re-enter it. It’s important to know when you’re planning to try the offshore waters. You may fall out of the kayak and the danger may come from the depth in case you don’t manage to come back to the board.

    Final Words

    Now you know everything about how to become a good fisherman. Do you know any other tips except these ones? Share them with us!

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