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Who We Are

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About Our Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is focused on students with love for the outdoors. Whether your interest is in fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, or kayaking, this scholarship is for you. We are firm believers, influenced by our experience that outdoor activities have a positive influence on students’ academic performance including general body health. We select students from diverse backgrounds and therefore encourage all with interest for the outdoors to participate in our contest.

How to Participate in the Program

To participate in our scholarship program is quite simple. We require applicants to submit a scholarship essay on any of the topics listed below, and it should be with a minimum of 800 words. We ONLY accept essays in the English language.

A requirement for the scholarship application is to complete an essay on any of the five topics provided below. Choose ONLY ONE essay topic from the list below:

The Essay Topics to Choose From

  • Describe Your First Kayaking Experience
  • Why Are Outdoor Activities Beneficial to Your Education?
  • Describe the Ski Life and Why You Love It
  • What is Your Favorite State Park and Why?
  • Describe Your First Time Hiking Experience

Plagiarism Free Policy

We love originality and creativity. Any scholarship essay submitted MUST be plagiarism free. Any essays that do not meet that criterion will be automatically disqualified and blacklisted. We have a strong policy against plagiarism, and any plagiarized content is a direct violation of our policies. We want your story which should be 100% creatively and uniquely written.

Eligibility for Participation

Our list of scholarships is open to all students. That means we select students from diverse backgrounds. Your nationality or education institution is not an issue for us; however, your enthusiasm for the outdoors is. Therefore, all applicants must show some level of interest in outdoor activities.

How to Apply

  • Gender
  • Full Name
  • Your Age
  • Email address
  • Name of college or university
  • Your Major
  • 800+ Word Essay “Title of your topic”

An essay of 800 to 500 words on the topics provided above

What You Could Win

The award of $2,700 will be split among students with top rated scholarship essays which have met our requirements. Our top three contestants will get scholarship awards as follows:

  • First Place – $1100
  • Second Place – $900
  • Third Place – $700

Program Timelines

Essay submission before September 5, 2019

Scholarship essay submission closes on September 5, 2019. We, therefore, expect to receive your essay before then. The winners will be announced on October 5, 2019. We came up with the scholarship program for two simple reasons; tuition fees are skyrocketing by the day, and we want to give back to society. In a bid to give back we saw an opportunity to help students with love for the outdoors. Apply to our program today, and you could get scholarship.

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